Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Orbs and Minions

In Siphon Spirit this week we've got some new orb art! For example, here is the old bomb art.

And here is the redone bomb art.

Siphon Spirit is becoming more nice looking all the time! On the other hand, we have March to the Moon. I got the summons and most of the minions put into the game this past week. Here's a shot of them in action!

Let's see, we've got a couple of golems throwing rocks and boulders, some wolves walking around damaging whatever they touch, some dragons that shoot fire blasts and using Fire Walk. Lastly there are a handful of Fire Wisps shooting off a ton of fire bolts.

I took a hint from Titan Quest on the summons. I played as a nature guy and had wolves and a sylvan nymph helping me out. Worked great until I got to the last guy who killed them all in one shot and I had to respec. That really sucked :( So all the minions in March to the Moon don't have HP. They just live off of time.

By next week I hope to have a big chunk of the abilities finished.

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