Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beginning the Minions

Peter's hard at work on Siphon Spirit. He tells me that a little more than 2/3rds of the levels have been finished now and he's getting some more final artwork done.

As for March to the Moon, I finished the healing abilities and the stuff that you toss on the ground (like fire). I've just started setting up the minions and am getting the art done for them right now. Currently at 100 hours of development.

And yes, we have an image! Here we see our intrepid hero in the cellar fighting rats. He's quite a bit higher level than he should be. That's because I love cheating! Anyways, here he is showing off a few abilities from the Flame skill tree. He's just finished using Fire Walker to spread some flames around and has also just fired off a Fire Bolt which has been boosted with Fireball Split, allowing him to hit more enemies with it.

He can also boost the damage all of his fire attacks do by investing points in Fire Mastery. The bonus will also go to all his minions, so summoner might be a good secondary skill for a Flame primary as it will boost the attacks of the Fire Wisp and the Dragon.

By next week I should have all the minions done as well as all the boosts for minions (special summoner training, paladin leadership, etc.). If I'm lucky I'll get a few other groups of abilities done.

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