Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Normal difficulty levels finished!

Got a lot done in the last week! All the enemies have been drawn and animated. All the normal difficulty levels are in-game now. I was sick the last two days, but thanks to my decision to work nights instead of playing games I'm still going to have all that I wanted to show ready for Indie Game Night tomorrow!

To the right here we have Bob fighting off some Lightning Goblins and some Sword Goblins. He's running a Fire/Priest build for some destructive power and some healing and minions on the side.

He's not doing anything because it's hard to hold a controller and take a screenshot at the same time >_<.

Wish me luck at Indie Game Night!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Enemy art progressing.

So much drawing... wish I was better at it. Really though, I think the art style is fine and passable. At least it is for a $1 game. I've got another two acts worth of enemies drawn now, and will finish the last act this week. I'm getting Friday off for my birthday and I'm planning on taking the day to work on March to the Moon. Hopefully I'll be able to finish the enemy art and animations, the enemy movement and the backgrounds then. It should give me enough time to have everything ready for Indie Game Night coming up!

Siphon Spirit? Peter's on vacation :P

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Indie Game Night coming up!

Last time we had an indie game night I was late. This was apparently important because they're doing them every two months now instead of every three months. Here I was, fully planning to be finished with the game by the next time that we all met up and I'm not going to be able to make it. But I can still show stuff, right? There were only two available abilities at the time. Now there are 108. So I pulled out my ToDo list and estimated how much I could get done per day.

After careful consideration I determined that by the next indie game night I would be able to get the abilities balanced, clear up the bugs, create all the enemy abilities, draw and animate the remaining 28 enemies (that many? I'm going to use up all my art points!), get all the different enemy movements in, and draw all the rest of the backgrounds for the rest of the game.

I was feeling pretty happy about this, then I realized something terrible. NONE of those things would be visible at all because it's all new stuff for everything past the first act. So.... what now? I can't just work faster. That'd just make more bugs. I'd really like to get the other 24 levels in the normal difficulty finished, but how?

And so it came to pass that I did not play video games in the evening any more until indie game night or I was well ahead of schedule. Hopefully it will all pay off in the end!

Also, in Siphon Spirit land Peter got himself a tablet that he can use for drawing while on the bus. He says it is awesome and he's getting a lot done. Currently working on the animations of Miranda.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Abilities almost finished!

I now have 107 of the 108 player abilities done on March to the Moon. I almost had the last ability finished in time for this post but the lady who sat next to me on the bus wouldn't stop talking to me about the dragons that she was crocheting. The last ability is Potion of Chance, an alchemist ability that makes you use a random ability at the same level as Potion of Chance. Will you fire a gatling gun? Will you summon a dragon? Will you heal yourself? Who knows!

After I finish off that last ability I'm going to work out a few bugs that I've noticed while testing. Nothing major, and I should be able to finish them in a few days. After I'm finished with those I'm going to update the first act to make the levels a little more interesting and get rid of a tutorial that's pretty pointless now. Then it's on to balancing all those abilities. My hope is that each ability will be worth-while, so I need to make sure nothing is too weak or too strong.

All of that should be finished by the next post. In fact, I plan on starting on the enemy abilities before the next post.

But least anyone think that I've completely forgotten about Siphon Spirit, here's some more art! This one is the Purity spell. Once using it you are able to absorb energy from orbs larger than you. It's like a super-shield!