Friday, January 30, 2015

End of January Update

Peter's gotten a more steady schedule now which will allow him to get more art done.  He's also being more willing to let me help out on the cutscene scripting and the level design.  Siphon Spirit is definitely going to come out this year!

With that in mind I've been going through and polishing up a number of things in Siphon Spirit to make it a more smooth experience.  I'm also fiddling around with getting it into Unity so that we can get it on more things, like tablets.

But before I go too crazy getting Siphon Spirit in Unity, I've been working on porting Spirits of Elduurn first.  I'd love to get it on phones, tablets, vita, and basically everywhere that I can without eating up all of our meager resources.  I'm trying to take my port a step further, with some language support (Japanese and Spanish so far), and a purchasable extra set of levels.  It's coming along well and I hope to have a screenshot with some Japanese in it soon.