Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Abilities almost finished!

I now have 107 of the 108 player abilities done on March to the Moon. I almost had the last ability finished in time for this post but the lady who sat next to me on the bus wouldn't stop talking to me about the dragons that she was crocheting. The last ability is Potion of Chance, an alchemist ability that makes you use a random ability at the same level as Potion of Chance. Will you fire a gatling gun? Will you summon a dragon? Will you heal yourself? Who knows!

After I finish off that last ability I'm going to work out a few bugs that I've noticed while testing. Nothing major, and I should be able to finish them in a few days. After I'm finished with those I'm going to update the first act to make the levels a little more interesting and get rid of a tutorial that's pretty pointless now. Then it's on to balancing all those abilities. My hope is that each ability will be worth-while, so I need to make sure nothing is too weak or too strong.

All of that should be finished by the next post. In fact, I plan on starting on the enemy abilities before the next post.

But least anyone think that I've completely forgotten about Siphon Spirit, here's some more art! This one is the Purity spell. Once using it you are able to absorb energy from orbs larger than you. It's like a super-shield!

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