Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Blog

We're officially moving! Our old blog is at It just seemed odd to keep posting to Darkened Dreams when we had no plans to continue working on it.

So here's an update. We are still working on Siphon Spirit. Peter is working hard on getting all the storyline in and get all the art as final instead of the temporary stuff he's got in there now. But as it is, there's not a whole lot for me to work on there. Rather than just relax (it turns out I'm not very good at that) I decided to start working on my own game. But wait, I can't have Peter do the art for me since he's busy working on Siphon Spirit. So I've decided to do the art myself and just make it a $1 game on XBox Live Indie Games.

It's a top-down shooter with RPG elements. You start out in the cellar of a tavern killing rats for the barmaid and through a series of events you end up fighting on the moon. As the character spends the whole time marching forward the game is titled March to the Moon. As I had a lot of people asking me how long I'd been working on Darkened Dreams and Siphon Spirit I decided to actually log my hours this time around. I've got 90 hours put into it so far, and the basics are all in.

In order to finish March to the Moon I need to get a few more things done yet. I need to get all of the abilities finished (108 total), create the rest of the enemies and all of their abilities, finish the level art and all of the levels (96 total) and get all the audio in.

I'll have some images up next post!

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