Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We're alive! WE'RE ALIVE!

Yeah, finally starting to feel a bit better!  Peter was feeling left out, so he decided to get sick for a day.  Then he sent me an image for the fifth level's cutscene.

It's time to leave the town and see what's going on with the army!  I finished converting the Siphon Spirit code into something much cleaner, and have been pretty happy with how few bugs have popped up.  Just got one that we've noticed so far, and it's just not calculating the score if there is an ending cutscene.  Easy fix.

The Japanese game is also coming along again now that I can focus long enough to get things done.  The battle screen is the most complicated screen in the game, so it's taking me some time to put it all together.  I have the basic attacks working and you can select an item to use to heal yourself now.  Next up is to actually heal yourself.  Then on to the special attacks.  Then on to actually filling in the flashcard data.

Okay, just think.  Focus.  I can do this.


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