Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nearing the end of feature-complete

I'm working now on the part that I think is going to be the most difficult for the Japanese game.  Well, the second most difficult after getting a name that I'm happy with.  It's the actual flashcards.  I'm working on getting it so that I don't need to manually add answers for each kind of flashcard.  Okay, how many of you did I lose the second I brought up flashcards?  On the bright side, I plan to finish all the different flashcard types this week and finish off the battle screen.  Then all I need is the win/lose screen and the whole game is fully workable.

Peter's taking a little break and getting a mini-game set up for anyone who backs Siphon Spirit on Kickstarter.  It has the makings of a nice puzzle game, so I'm thinking about taking it further later on.

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