Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Balancing Act

So now I'm getting to the point that March to the Moon is very nearly complete. Now to make sure that the game is possible to win. I know that it isn't. I know because I cheat-leveled a guy to level 100 and went to go beat the game with him. On Normal mode. The bosses kept killing me. I'm expecting the player to be around level 20 or so when they get to that point, so it looks like I screwed up. Now I've got a character that I'm leveling up through regular gameplay. He's an Engineer called Testy. He is working on mastering his gun, the gatling gun and quickshot so he can fire both of them faster. I may have to boost the damage that the gatling gun does as right now it's not that much more useful than the regular gun. But then again I have more points in the regular gun since I can use it more often. In any case, once I beat the entire game (and have all difficultly levels balanced) I will probably have to start another character and do it all again since I'm getting extra experience from all the times that I keep dying on levels where the enemies are coming in too often for me to be able to fight them all off.

Now it's time for me to get back into the game that I started playing for the first time tonight, Half-Life. What do you mean that came out in 1998? No spoilers please!

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