Thursday, November 7, 2013

A new orb appears

Now that the massive level editor is fully functional, I decided to take it for a test spin.  I started making a few levels and fixing little bugs when I realized there was something I always wanted in Siphon Spirit but never realized it.  As it is right now, when you get close to an orb absorbing will happen.  If you're bigger than the enemy orb, you'll absorb from it.  If you're smaller, it will absorb from you.  Spells and Demonic Voids will always absorb from you.  Everything absorbs.

I decided to go a little crazy and add an orb that doesn't absorb from you.  Touching enemies is a bad idea, since you permanently lose energy.  Touching these new orbs is even worse, since they remove even more energy from you.  On the bright side, you can get really close to them without losing any energy.  I'm calling them Thorns for now.  Maybe Peter will change that later.  Just make sure you don't touch them, or ...

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