Friday, August 30, 2013

Level Editor Update

I've finally got the editor where I can add and edit everything.  I'm currently working on usability issues, such as making sure all the fields fill in with default values, and adding the ability to ctrl+click to set positions instead of typing them in.

At one point I got excited about trimming out all the old stuff that wasn't ever going to be used again.  After trimming out mots of it I realized that I actually do need it so I can do the level converter correctly.  Without the level converter, all of the levels we did before would be completely useless.  So I ended up using two different builds, one for my laptop where I worked on the level editor, and another one on my desktop where I worked on the level converter.  I don't recommend doing something like this because each time I switched I'd have to boot my mind back into the right mindset and remember where I left off.  Yesterday I got both of them finished and merged the code together.  This morning I got ready to get things done and realized that I couldn't compile.  I had forgotten to add a new file I made on the desktop computer.

I ended up playing games instead.  I'm sorry.

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