Friday, June 21, 2013

I'm a professional gamer now!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I like to play games on the computer.  Steam is my system of choice, followed by Desura.  Recently, Steam started putting out trading cards for playing games.  Basically, if you play a participating game you will get cards put in your inventory.  You can use the cards to craft badges and level up your account.  When you craft a badge the cards vanish and you can get coupons and emotes and other little things for your account.

So I thought I'd do that.  I got into the beta and started to get some cards.  Now, each game drops a limited amount of cards.  If there are 8 total cards in the set you can only get four cards.  You have to get cards from another game and trade with other people to get a total set.  I decided that was a little much for me.  Trying to find people who have the cards I want and finding a time that we can both trade didn't seem worth it.

So then what?  I could just give the cards away, but then I realized that I could sell them on the marketplace.  Figured I'd see if I could get a few pennies for them.  Then I saw that they were being sold for around 50 cents each.  I can't sell my real trading cards for that much.  Sold off everything and ended up with a little more than $19 steam credit.

I got paid for playing games.  That means that I'm pro now.  I'm also totally set for the next big Steam sale that should be showing up in a week or so.


1 comment:

  1. All right, $19!
    You can retire now.
    Although in the Steam summer sale that could probably get you 3 to 17 free games, nicely done.