Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Editor is coming along.

The public editor is making big strides.  I've got it so we can place all the orbs, voids, spells, bombs, and other things, move them around, resize them, save the level, load the level, and, best of all, play the darn level.  There have been some major changes to how the levels are saved off, so I'm going to have to write a converter to go through and make all of our old levels compatible with the new system.

Looking at the new level code and comparing it to the new level code makes me feel good.  It's much faster to load levels now (art loading time hasn't changed) and it requires much less code.  Plus, I get to add more options without completely making a mess of how the levels get loaded.

On a more bitter note, the forums are going down.  We only got one person to post there, and we both know him so he could have just emailed us.  The spam bots came along and the phpbb captcha system couldn't stop them at all.  It just hasn't been useful enough to justify putting more work into not making it completely terrible.  R.I.P.


  1. Concerning the Forums, I stayed up late some night during the weekend of the demo release and wrote a pretty large chunk of feedback. Either it didn't post correctly, or I forgot to post it after writing it (I did mention that I stayed up late writing it, right?). I didn't want to write it again, so I planned on seeing you guys at the Indie Game Night. Since that didn't happen, I have been having a hard time giving up any of my minuscule personal coding time to write my thoughts up again...

    So if two people posting would have saved the forum, you can blame me for killing them if it helps...