Thursday, February 28, 2013

Now at

If you look at the address bar you'll see that the blog is now at  We're going to make a lot of changes to it soon to make it look much better and mesh more with the rest of our site.

For Siphon Spirit, Peter's been keeping busy with some nice wallpapers and other artwork.  He's sent me some early sketches and I think they look great.  He tells me that he would rather post the art himself so hopefully we'll see a post from him soon!

The Japanese Game is making a little progress.  I've written out the first lesson and am getting ready to put it all in the game.  After I have the second lesson in it will be a pretty solid build that allows you to get to all the screens without crashing.  Hopefully I'll get some new art for it soon so I can get it to the indie game night coming next month.

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