Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Demo draws nearer

Peter's been getting me more and more art for the demo.  Not only are there some impressive cutscenes, but there have been a number of art upgrades to some of the older screens.  I'm hoping to get all of his changes in today so we've got something nice and new to show at indie game night tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to go so I won't be showing the Japanese game.  Which is a shame.  Last time I showed it it spent a lot of time crashing because it was all set up for me to test and make things in it.  So someone would click something and BAM, it wouldn't be ready for that yet and crash.  Now it doesn't crash nearly so much and I've added much more control functionality.  The mouse now works on all screens.  You can play the game with an xbox controller, the keyboard, the mouse, or any combination of the three if you are quite bored.

But what we've been the most busy with is figuring out the whole kickstarter thing.  We definitely want to do it right.  So we're going through and adding a level of polish to everything.  We're going to be going crazy* with that over the next few weeks.

*May or may not actually already be crazy.

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