Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Let's Learn Japanese

Okay, I've been talking about March to the Moon a lot recently.  I think that's starting to wind down.  I'm still waiting to hear from Desura about what I will need to do in order to get it up on there.  I got a nice mention from a good friend of mine, Jay at RampantGames. Out of Eight PC Game Reviews gave me a review and did a video with it!  This was the first review I got that wasn't glowing.  He complained about the difficulty and the fact that the levels were the same each time that they got played.  He seemed to like the game overall but thought it was too difficult.  I'll have to see what I can do with the sequel.

I'm getting right back into the Japanese game now.  I've finished getting the dictionaries to work (even though there's not a ton in them yet).  I'm starting on the newly redesigned lessons tonight, so I'm really hoping to have them done, as well as the flashcard stuff so I can at least show that I'm back where I started come Indie Game Night next week.

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