Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Siphon Spirit Alpha Demo Looming

That's right, it's Siphon Spirit time again!  Peter's been having a tough time with his tablet.  He sent it in for repairs and when he got it back they had fixed the wrong darn thing!  He's sent it back in again, so he's been slowed down a bit while he waits to be able to work on the bus again.  I've joked with him before about changing our name to "Public Transit Games" since we do most of our development on the ride to and from our day jobs.  In any case, we're hoping to have a demo up for download soon.  It would still be an alpha demo, and the game is still a little ways off.  You won't be seeing the nasty piece of work up in the screenshot up there during the demo, but we've got other demons and undead for you to fight!

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