Friday, July 20, 2012

March From the Moon

Peter's been putting in double time on the first boss fight in Siphon Spirit and it looks great!  I can't wait to have a demo up for you all to play.

Things have been crazy busy for me the last few weeks and I haven't gotten a whole lot done.  Without any real work to get to, I've been planning for March From the Moon.  Even though I have another game that I want to make first.  This is why I can't count the planning as any real work.  It is not what I should be working on.

In any case, March From the Moon is going to be radically different from March to the Moon.  I'm looking at side quests, power ups, items, crafting, unlockables, a more involved story, completely redone UI, good music, better art and much much more.  But that's a lot of work so we'll just have to see what I actually do in the end.

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