Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Up and Down Again

After a week of waiting I was able to get March to the Moon up for review again, only to realize that I have a bug in my loading code if there isn't a save file present.  Guess I have to wait another week before I can try again.

But instead of just whining, I want to talk about something that I noticed in Dragon Quest IX.  In the very beginning of the game you are the guardian angel of a town called Angel Falls.  I liked the name because I was an angel living there and there was a prominent waterfall in the town.  Soon afterwards (basic spoilers, but you can't really do anything in the game until this happens anyways), You fall from the heavens and land in the waterfall.  "Aha!", I thought, "So the name has multiple meanings."  An angel fell down into the town.  When I gained control of the character again I no longer had my heavenly glow, my halo, or my wings.  I was a fallen angel.  The name of the beginning town was able to play on the three major things that happened at the beginning of the game, which left a big impression on me.  I've been studying more about writing for games and I hope to be able to write things that play on multiple levels like that in the future.

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