Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Too Many Projects

I had a friend check out March to the Moon on the XBox to test it for errors before putting it up for review again and having to wait a week for a single issue.  He was pretty awesome and found two issues.  There was a crash if you did certain stuff in a certain order (fixed it) and found out that I'm not quite checking it right for all TV sizes.  I'm going to try and make it look better on all resolution and hopefully it will be better and ready to go.

Since I'm getting close on that front I'm looking more towards different distribution services (Steam, Desura, IndieCity, etc.) and seeing what I can do to get it sold on those places.  Some places will just put it up after it goes through the process, but I'd like to have a release date so those places may get March to the Moon later.  Of course, the biggest, most important place to sell is on Steam, so hopefully they will accept it.  I've also been researching how to market the games and this is getting me pretty tired because it's definitely not my forte.

We're still working on Siphon Spirit.  We've got a new audio guy on board and I like the sound of his stuff.  We're hoping to have a new demo up this week to put on our new website which we hope will also go up this week.  The old demo was ... OLD.  Also, the installer was crap.  I've learned more about making installers now so it should be much better.

Lastly, we have the new game that I'm working on but haven't announced.  It's coming along well and I've got a big chunk of it working.  My main reason for not revealing it is that I don't have a name for it yet.  Hopefully should have not only a name but some screenshots of it next week.

Lastly, I've been designing some creatures for a web game that I want to make in the future.  It would be free to play and really help me learn how to make websites.

Lastly, I've been planning and thinking for our next major game after Siphon Spirit (we're going to take a short break and do a little game before it though).  I actually wrote most of the dialogue already, but I've been reading about how to make games more emotionally engaging and how to write better for games so I'm probably going to rewrite most of what I've already written.  I've added a number of things to it to make the world seem more alive so hopefully it will all work out in the end.

...I think I just figured out why I'm so tired!

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