Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Time for some beta!

Okay, so I've finally got everything together except for a good working installer. I'm just going to put the requirements in as a forced install rather than checking to see if you already have stuff installed. Sorry, I'll try to fix it in the next wave.

As for how the beta is going to work, I'm going to choose a few people to be the first wave, then fix things according to suggestions. Then I'll put out a new build for testing and add more people into the group. If you don't get the beta link right away don't worry, I will get to you. Unless of course we talked about getting you in the beta a while ago and I forgot to write it down. In which case, I am already sorry :(

Also, we had Indie Game Night last night! Jay at Rampant Games gave a nice little write up on March to the Moon which I'm going to copy below.

I ended up spending way too much time hogging up Curtis Mirci‘s March to the Moon game, which I’ve played and enjoyed before. It’s a goofy little action game with RPG elements, and I mean goofy. Programmer art, and completely over-the-top, and exactly the kind of fun I was looking for. Good ol-fashioned shoot-em-upiness with absolutely no taking of itself seriously.

It's true! I had to ask him to let someone else take a turn. He had a great suggestion that I'm going to implement. I was a bit surprised at how much people were laughing at the humor in the game. I was talking to someone about an idea they had to help indie developers get art, and I kept getting distracted when everyone around me would burst out laughing in reaction to what was happening in the game.

Well, I'd better finish that installer so I can finally let other people test this thing!

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