Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Okay, I've been working hard this week getting accounts at a bunch of different places. Check out the side-bar to see what they are! I've gotten some other work done on making the installer look better and got started on the box art, but when I realized how small Microsoft shrinks the box art images I realized that I need to rework it. Time to write a press release!

March to the Moon has only had a few changes in the last week, but I did get a few bugs cleaned up in Siphon Spirit.

Also, if you want to get into making games because you like playing games you might be interested in the following story. I just finished Half-Life last night. Steam tells me that I put a total of 19 hours into the game. I started playing in mid-December. It turns out that making games takes a lot of time away from playing games.

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