Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DirectInput. Kind of a pain.

Well, I guess that wraps this post up. I've been working on getting a nice control scheme for DirectInput controllers for the PC and have been driving myself a little nuts trying to get it to work nicely. One of the major problems is that there are too many different types of controllers for me to just say "Okay, button 0 will be the accept key". Because for all I know the 0 button is the start button. This leads to the second problem. I need to allow the player to bind their keys however they want. Now, a DirectInput controller has a number of different input types. I need to make sure that if they are using a directional Point of View hat they can still move around or just count it as a single button press or tell how hard they are pushing and in what direction. This is a big pain and it's what I'm currently working on.

Peter's been working on getting the new start of the game finished as well as the rest of Miranda's animations. He's hoping to have that all finished in time for Anime Banzai this weekend.

Speaking of which, we're speaking at Anime Banzai this year! It's on this Saturday and we'll be speaking about making Indie games at 1:00. We'll also be showing off our games so come take a look! I'll also be talking at 5:00 about what it was like making My Japanese Coach for the Nintendo DS. Come by and listen if you're willing to hear me whine a lot :P

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