Monday, March 2, 2015

Siphon Spirit getting remade

Peter's been really busy getting all the art and story ready for Siphon Spirit, but I've been pretty much finished with the code for some time now.  Not to mean that I've been doing nothing.  I did make a Japanese match-3 game and I've been remaking Peter's Spirits of Elduurn in Unity.  This has been really good for me because I am planning on switching development from XNA to Unity.  The only lingering issue now is Siphon Spirit itself.

So I've been working on porting Siphon Spirit over to Unity.  I've heard too many time how this game would be perfect for tablets, and XNA just isn't going to get me there.  Okay, fine, it could with Monogame, but I'd rather stick with Unity now that I've been using it.  It's been quite nice for a lot of the orb stuff and I've managed to clean my code considerably.

Currently I've got all the parts working.  My next goal is to take a current level from the XNA version and load it up and get it all working correctly.  Wish me luck!

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