Friday, May 30, 2014

Indie Game Night

Last night was Indie Game Night.  Those are always fun, and Peter and I stayed very busy showing off three different games.

Peter was showing Raiders of Elduurn and Spirits of Elduurn.  Both of these games are small spin-offs of Siphon Spirit, which takes place in the world of Elduurn.

Raiders of Elduurn is a card game where you team up with friends to defeat a demon.  Each player gets a team of heroes together and they try to find a strategy for taking down the boss before he takes them out.  It takes place 20 years before Siphon Spirit does.  For more art and gameplay instructions, take a peek at his Deviant Art page!

I got a lot of feedback on my Japanese Match-3 game.  First thing I learned is that even people who like games enough to make games don't know what a match-3 is.  Guess I'll just be calling it a puzzle game from now on.  This also makes me realize that I can't just put a match-3 in front of someone and expect them to figure out.  I guess I'll need a tutorial even for something like this.  Even more so since about half the people who tried it got confused and were trying to switch tiles from one side of the board to the other.

The other feedback that I got was that it was really hard to read.  All the images at the back of the tiles were making it too hard to really see everything that was going on.  I think I've fixed most of the issues now, but it's a strong reminder that Peter is the artist on this team!

Peter's hoping to launch Raiders of Elduurn as a free, printable black and white version sometime next week.  Hope to see you there!

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