Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Yep, time machine, alright.

Last Saturday I was able to get together with Peter and we finished up the last bits for the demo.  Except the audio.  Wait, why are we working on audio?  The purpose of the upcoming kickstarter is to pay for the audio.  Peter wants to get it all sounding at least decent so we don't drive people off.

But I did mention to him that it felt like a time machine to work on Siphon Spirit after I'd spent all this time coding up nice tools for future games.  He took me aside and booted up the earliest copies of Siphon Spirit that there were.  Now THAT was a blast from the past.  Looking at how it used to be and comparing it with how it is now.  Not only did I get to see some bugs that I have viciously squashed, but we got to see all the design changes we've made.  All of them seem to have been for the better!

As for the Japanese game (getting close to a name, maybe!), I wrote out the first lesson and showed it to my artist to get something better looking than what I had been using so I could figure out the placement of everything.  She got me something really nice and so I put it all together.  Below we have the previous lesson screen.

And underneath, but missing some character art, is the current version.  It's still got some changes to make, but it's much much better!

I'm nothing if not logical.

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