Friday, December 14, 2012

Reviewed by Indie Gamer Chick

Indie Gamer Chick reviewed March to the Moon and it got on the leaderboard!  Very glad to see that happen.  Now that I'm on the leaderboard I can use the seal to show that she approved of the game.  My favorite line from the review was "March to the Moon is unquestionably fun."

Curious, I checked The XBLIG, and I'm on his leaderboard as well.  So that's good!  I don't think I had a single negative review of the game and most reviewers have really liked it.

So... uh...

When do I get paid?  No, seriously.  Even with these good reviews, I've only earned a dollar.  And that's because someone gave me a dollar for a code because they didn't want to buy MS points.  I'm below the payout limit on XBLIG, and for my homepage store as well (although just barely for the homepage).  I've got it up on Indie City as well, but even though it's still on the front page and has 4.3 stars out of five all I have are a few hundred views and a single demo download.

This is pretty discouraging.  A small part of me says that I should give up and just go work on that list of games on steam that I haven't played yet.  It's a pretty small part though.  I have plans for more games to make.  I think there are two major problems that make the average player want to just pass it over.  #1 is the art.  #2 is the music.  Maybe #3 is the marketing, because I have no idea how to do that right apparently.  I've been learning more about making art and I can make something better now, and I think I could make something much better music-wise as well.

Anyways, not giving up.  Going to make something better.  Siphon Spirit is coming along and when that's finished I'll be able to work with a real artist on a new project again.  Though to be perfectly honest I fully plan on making another smaller game before I'm back on board with Peter again.

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