Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Finally better!

Wish it didn't take me an entire week to get better, but that's what happened. This morning I managed to clear out the issues with the controls and now I'm...well I'm still waiting for the audio before making the beta to be tested. Guess while I'm waiting I can do some art for xbox stuff, like the boxart and the jpg icon they want. There are also a few changes to Siphon Spirit that we want to add, such as fixing up the loading screens for the rest of the game. I also learned more about xbox controllers when writing up the controls scheme for March to the Moon so I'm going to take another crack at getting Siphon Spirit on the Xbox. I won't bother with a controller version for the PC because no matter what I do, the mouse is going to be the superior option for this game.

Lastly, I want to get Siphon Spirit to work with a stylus in full screen.

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